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Stamp collecting
I launched my used stamp appeal in September 2013 to raise money for two leukaemia charities - Leukaemia CARE and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. When the appeal was first launched, many people asked how I expected to raise money from tiny scraps of paper usually destined for the recycling bag. The appeal relies on the ‘snowball effect’ - one stamp on its own is almost worthless, but hundreds or thousands of stamps equate to serious money. Charities generally receive around £5 per kilogramme for bags of stamps which are trimmed from the envelope. This figure significantly increases to around £15 per kilogramme for foreign stamps. In January 2014, I delivered sacks of used stamps totally 25 kilogrammes to Leukaemia CARE - a result of the snowball effect. If you can help, please drop me an email HERE
Stamp rules: Only leave a maximum of 4mm-8mm of paper around the edge of the stamp - any more lowers the value. Stamps should be on a single layer of the envelope. Separate UK and foreign stamps.
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