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Anthony Nolan campaign work

In May/June 2014, Anthony Nolan published its ‘Capes Vs Cancer’ leaderboard of heroes. This league table revealed for the first time, how many donors there were on the Anthony Nolan register per constituency. When the table was published, the constituency of Burton and Uttoxeter was ranked at 515 out of 650 constituencies with just 508 potential donors - these people are ‘heroes’. This figure was a huge disappointment following my ‘Take Five Minutes’ media campaign which has been running since June 2013 and has already accounted for a 15 per cent increase in this figure. I immediately came up with an action plan as to how I could rectify this poor figure and as a result, everything began to snowball. Within days, the issue was debated in Parliament by the MP for Burton and Uttoxeter - Andrew Griffiths, and was then subsequently backed and supported by the Prime Minister David Cameron.

My campaign work